Shooting pack from 300€

The aesthetics and the quality of the photos is now essential and, to do this, it is essential to use a photo shooting that gives professionalism to your shots. The Shooting set of Consolo Digital Studio can be yours from 300€.

Shooting Set – Consolo Digital Studio

Make a professional and effective shooting

To realize a professional and effective shooting it is necessary to respect and keep in mind some important aspects such as the concept: it is fundamental, before realizing the work, to have an idea and a plan of the photographic project. In addition, it is important to think about how to communicate the concept once it is finished shooting, always paying attention to the target audience to which to direct the work and communication that derives from it.

Another feature for a good shooting is having professional and high-level tools and equipment at your disposal. For example, the excellent use and the quality of the lights themselves (angle, quantity, type of continuous or non-stop lighting, power) allows a photo to appear aesthetically beautiful and enormously qualitative.

Another aspect to mention, as in all the works, is the attention to details so do not underestimate any aspect, for example the makeup, the wig or simply the choice of the best angle for a product (of your e-commerce) to photograph.

Consolo Digital Studio: shooting pack

After briefly illustrating the features for a good photo shooting, it’s time to go into our Shooting Set, which we rent from 300€ (shooting pack): Consolo Digital Studio is located in via Monviso 14 in Milan.

Entering the studio, on the left, you will see prepared neutral photographic backdrops in white and black professional matte paper, suitable for even the most creative shooting: they measure 3,5m both in width and height.

Black Screen – Shooting set

Surely you have happened to observe a photographic backdrop, for example looking at a shot in which there is a subject in the foreground with a white background behind it. They are an essential tool for your shooting, as they allow you to create a background suitable for any type of photographic genre.

It is not over here though, we believe that it is also very important the environment in which you work, comfortable for every need. We provide a dressing room area, a relax area where you can have lunch or enjoy a coffee, two Makeup stations and the Wi-Fi, always very important.

Our shooting set is at your disposal, what are you waiting for to visit us? For information or a quote for the Shooting Pack contact us at or at +39 3487053548.

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